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Energy, Water Assessments

Since 2008, Greenrock has assisted more than 800 commercial properties throughout the US to permanently lower utility operating costs and raise property values, identifying more than $28MM in achievable energy and water savings for our clients. Greenrock's industry leading audit reports are affordable, detailed, and superbly accurate, with an efficiency wisdom share written for all clients,from asset managers to maintenance teams to corporate managers.

Energy & Water Management

With more than $25MM in annual utility spend under management, Greenrock provides full service energy & water management services to commercial properties throughout the US, with a focus on hotel and multi-family properties. Greenrock provides utility data and cost avoidance tracking, compliance and performance reporting, hotel brand sustainability platform management, project RFP developement, project management, advanced maintenance assistance, budgeting, bid reviews, and in-depth efficiency consulting to provide an affordable, comprehensive energy management program for your portfolio.

Retro-commissioning (RCx)

Large hotels, high-rise apartments, and convention centers have high HVAC energy and water costs. These costs can be very difficult to control, even in new buildings. Controls sequences, schedules, system sensors, airflows, valve and damper operation, and other system components and programs frequently fail, degrade or are changed to manual control.  Many of your energy wasting issues are invisible and have no effect on your space comfort or system operation which is why they go unnoticed.  However, these issues can silently and parasitically drain significant quantities of energy for many years .  Greenrock provides full service retro-commissioning studies  that will optimize large central HVAC systems, remove the energy parasites, and return your buildings to efficient  operation.


Empowering property staff to manage energy, water, and waste costs is a core discipline in every good efficiency strategy. That is why Greenrock provides both informal and formal training to its client properties, ensuring that no-cost and low-cost savings opportunities are continually optimized. All of our onsite assessments are paired with training and wisdom sharing, so property staff can get to work immediately in effectively budgeting and purchasing efficiency retrofits, as well as operating property systems more efficiently. 

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